Wandering in Mindspongeland with the BMF analytics workhorse

Viet-Phuong La, AISDL

October 17, 2022

It is with great pleasure that I write this short invitation to join our exploration into Mindspongeland on behalf of my co-authors. The main workhorse is our home-grown BMF analytics [1].

This workhorse has been built to support early career researchers (ECRs) who usually do not possess all the conditions to start their research careers successfully. But our workhorse and approach can help reduce the burden and make the research (and publishing) journey more enjoyable.

We have come to understand that although research requires hard work and tenacity, the whole process does not have to be horrible. Thus the book’s cover looks somewhat fascinating instead of intimidating. The girl, suppose this is Alice in Mindspongeland [2], may still pick some integral signs, but they are just fun. (We are, of course, indebted to artist Thu-Trang for this wonderful expression.)

Inevitably, a learner will always need to put her hands in the powder to become a proficient baker. But for our BMF-enabled ECRs, the pain will somehow be relieved with the functioning of the bayesvl R package [3]. This fact helps ensure your transitions become smooth and productive. One can also know about a spectacular achievement of an ECR when empowered by the method [4], and I hope the book’s preamble will better motivate our readers. (You can always read the preamble for free [4]).

Figure: Front cover [1]; https://www.amazon.com/dp/8367405102

The book has now been offered at numerous online bookstores, including Amazon’s outlets such as https://www.amazon.com/dp/8367405102 (US), https://www.amazon.de/dp/8367405102 (Germany), or https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/8367405102 (Japan).

In addition, to have a sneak peek into the book’s contents, our method paper in Elsevier’s MethodsX will enable prospective readers to get a feel [5].

So, it’s time for ECRs to embark on a new journey, seeing the landscape and picking the flowers and fruits from Mindspongeland. We are always here (https://mindsponge.info) waiting for you, dear colleagues.


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