Plastic waste pollution and households’ responses in a fast-urbanizing context


February 8, 2023

A group of researchers led by QV Khuc of Hanoi-based Vietnam National University has just published a new paper concerning plastic waste and households’ tackling strategies in Vietnam. The article appears in the Special Issue Research Progress on Urban Environment and Human Health: From Psychological to Economic and Social Costs in Urban Areas of Developing Countries, published by Urban Science (2413-8851; indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus).

Figure: The article in Urban Science [1]

The results [1] suggest that better environment-centered communication, inter alia, would help increase people’s awareness and real actions in reducing plastic waste and ultimately improving the environment while making the waste-sorting decision. This suggestion has come from the evidence provided in the paper indicating that people who have experienced the bad impacts of waste pollution in their life tend to seek solutions to improve the conditions and become more willing to communicate about related issues.

The research has arrived at its numerical results employing BMF analytics and an MT-enabled analytical model.


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