The near-suicide phenomenon study surpassed the 200,000-view milestone


May 2, 2023

The AISDL Team is delighted to inform you that our study, “Near-Suicide Phenomenon: An Investigation into the Psychology of Patients with Serious Illnesses Withdrawing from Treatment,” reached the 200,000-view milestone on the International Workers’ Day (May 1, 2023) 48 days after its inception [1].

Figure: The study of the near-suicide phenomenon reached the 200,000-view milestone (*Source: Publication’s official page)

The “near-suicide phenomenon” study received its first 100,000 views globally on April 7, 2023, 24 days after publication. The average number of views per day was approximately 4,200. This time, the study only took 23 days to obtain the following 100,000 views globally. It means that the average number of views per day did not decline but rose slightly.

Meandering Sobriety, a book by Q. H. Vuong, the study’s principal investigator, and the SM3D Portal founder, also became the Amazon Bestseller #1 in the Philosophy category recently [2]. Coincidentally, three stories in the book resulted from his contemplation on the enormous impacts of the “near-suicide phenomenon” study. Those stories are “Will a Martingale process help with the sales,” “Old versus New,” and “Ageless data.” The book’s backbone is also based on the mindsponge theory and the BMF analytics, as was the “near-suicide phenomenon” study [3,4].


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