Ruining Jin has led a data article project successfully


June 23, 2023

A data article is no stranger to us. But a project to prepare and publish a data article can be challenging.

In the latest attempt, Dr. Ruining Jin of CUPL—one of our community’s key members—has started and successfully coordinated a project of this type, leading to our newest publication in Data in Brief, one of the major outlets in data publishing.

Illustration: The paper was published online June 22, 2023 [1].

Given our philosophy of mitigating the risks of expensive investment in data collection for ECRs [2-3], we have for quite some time now encouraged participants to reuse datasets published in reliable and peer-reviewed journals. Nonetheless, at some points, we also need to contribute datasets to the scholarly community, which will, in turn, benefit our peers. That is why this project led by Dr. Jin has proved meaningful.

Of course, there are caveats in using published datasets. For these, the principles set out in our philosophical paper [4] will help safeguard the users from possible risks of committing questionable research practices.

We look forward to publishing more data articles in the near future and encourage our members to participate in these endeavors for the sake of learning and practicing.


[1] Jin R, et al. (2023). A dataset of Chinese drivers’ driving behaviors and socio-cultural factors related to driving. Data in Brief, 49, 109337.

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